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Healthcare System for the Nations
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Healthcare in AfricaDr. Leon Bleiberg of Newbury Park has had a Healthcare delivery system for a long time, which is ready for implementation now with minimal expense. The program which is approved by the US Department of Labor under the ERISA Law:

  1. Would give the patient 100.0% medical coverage at virtually no cost (or at best minimal cost) to him/her;
  2. Would provide steady income to physicians and would eliminate all paperwork related to billing - there is no billing, no claims;
  3. Would yield steady income to hospitals and other medical providers;
  4. Would cut employers cost by about 50% of current insurance premiums.

We estimate a California program to cost for a family of four to be approximately $200.00/month for California or a national program at $180.00/month for a family of four. Single or individual would be about 30% lower.

The program is revolutionary and has faced resistance from the Insurance companies who did not want to do away with the middleman mentality and their claims department. This system can be implemented almost immediately. The insurance companies feel threatened by it and so have suppressed it. Dr. Lee needs sympathetic ear or an investor who'll bring this program to market. When it appears on the market it would solve most other the healthcare insurance problems in the country and the world. Please review the following pages and contact us for further discussion.

Dr. Bleiberg is a retired podiatrist. Thank you for your interest.

To find out more about this exciting Healthcare Plan, click below to download the full plan in .pdf format.

Download The Plan


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